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Breakfast & Garage Crawl 2018

April 14, 2018

Wash down the Southern Ontario Winter blues with 2 eggs, home fries, and your choice of bacon, ham, or sausage… and get a peek into some of Canada’s finest hot rod shops.
Starting at Kypreos on Lancaster St W, then hopping to Schwartz Inc, Breslau (Welder Series, Webber Chassis, and Finishline), then to Hitman Hotrods in Cambridge.
Reserve your seat for breakfast by contacting Homer at 519-742-1070 or by email gbkays@gmail.com with “breakfast” in the subject.

Shop tour printable directions, ending at Schwartz Inc.
Shop tour printable directions, ending at Hitman Hotrods.

Here’s a map with all the locations:

Shop Tour This Saturday

Garage Crawl PDF

Grant Kay has put together another breakfast and garage crawl around our area of Southern Ontario. He was in today with an update of 156 people!

If you’re still interested in the crawl (breakfast is full), check out the attached PDF and get in touch with Grant. We’ll be open this Saturday so people can check out our little operation and pick up some stickers :). I heard that my wife may be doing some baking too…