Exchange rate = ~20% discount on retail price

If you weren’t aware that we were an hour and a half outside of the US, this post is going to give you two tidbits of information. One tidbit is going to save you ~20% on your hot rod chassis parts, and the other tidbit is for you to be able to tell your friends “no, getting parts from Canada is really easy! I didn’t even know they were in Canada!”

As of Feb 19, 2018, $1 US will buy $1.26 Canadian. Since our prices are in Canadian dollars, that’s like getting over 20% off the retail price. Your credit card rate will probably not be quite as much… depends on the day.

What does that mean in terms of hot rod parts?

A 4″ x 2″ frame curve that costs C$47 would be ~U$37.
A C$410 welded triangulated rear four link kit would be ~U$325. Remember, these aren’t official prices – your credit card company will have it’s own rate. Because that’s what credit card companies do.

You’re probably wondering about shipping… surely it’ll take four weeks and be outrageously expensive, right? Our simple shipping policy is 10% of the order, minimum $15, maximum $60. We try to keep everything in stock. Parts will get anywhere in the US within five business days from when they’re shipped.

Thanks for considering Welder Series parts.

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