Dear Welder Series… Pro Street Model A Question

Dear Welder Series…
Hey, I’m looking at your 4 link pro street kit, and would like as well a kit for coil overs and panhard bar, for a 31 Ford with 9 inch rear, will be using the stock rear cross member, thanks for your help.

Dear Jim…
Jim, the upper bars on the pro/street kit are going to be in the way of the Pan

hard kit if the Panhard is mounted on the front of the 9″ Ford.  The coil-overs will probably interfere if the Panhard is on the rear side.  We used to use a diagonal bar from the driver’s side frame bracket to the passenger side axle bracket.  These have to be custom made once the 4-link has been installed.

We have a coil-over crossmember (shown here)…

…and a coil-over mounting bolt kit


Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.

Paul Horton


  1. Raymond Tschorn says:

    Dear Welder Series,
    I would like to put a three or four bar setup on my rear of my 1985 cj7 jeep. It has the stock housing with leaf springs. I would like to use coil springs if possible or even coil-overs. I think I can use the front leaf spring hangers for the front pivot points of two of the bars. Might need to triangulate two other bars. Not sure of way to go.
    Thanks, Ray

  2. tom scholl says:

    The rear left corner of my rat rod sets 1 1/2 in. lower then right side. I have 4 link, can i tighten the lower bar to raise it so its the same as the other.

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