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LS in a 52 Cadillac

Dear Welder Series…
I finally received the engine mounts for LS engine. Delayed a fair bit by Canada Post [due to strike. Workers are back to work now].
After quite a few tries, managed to locate engine where I wanted. Tack welded engine top plate, then made plywood template for vertical rib. Nothing is straightforward on this 52 Cadillac.
Both mounts now permanently installed. I’ll be painting them once everything else is complete. Got steering, brakes, exhaust still to figure out.

Dear Welder Series… 1937 Dodge D5 Mustang II?

Dear Welder Series…
Looking for a Mustang 2 type cross member for a 37 Dodge D5 coupe. Can’t find anything on your site. Would you have such a thing? Price and how much to ship to A0L 1A0?

Dear Gary…
Your Dodge frame has a high curve over the front axle which makes it more difficult to install a Mustang II front end. It would be good to read our instruction sheets. , and eye-ball “ambush” areas. It might be necessary to add to the bottom of your frame to mount the crossmember and then trim off the top of the frame to mount the upper towers.
The kit you use will depend on the track width you want and if you plan to use stock-style springs and shocks or coil-overs.
Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts. Once you decide on the kit you’d like, we can dial in the freight cost.
Paul Horton

Dear Welder Series…
Thanks for your informative reply. I will have a closer look at what I have and go from there. Now I said Mustang II front end, but it doesn’t have to be. Is there something else that would an easier install using the stock rails?

Dear Gary…
A nice thing about the Mustang II is that new parts are readily available. Coil springs and coil overs are available with a wide range of rates so that the front end gets installed knowing that the ride height and the ride quality you want will happen when the vehicle is finished.
Another advantage is that most, often all, sheet metal, bumper, and rad mounting holes can be used because the MII gets installed in the stock frame.
I hope this info helps.

Paul Horton

Dear Welder Series… 1965 Lincoln Mustang II?

Dear Welder Series…
Would you have a Mustang 2 crossmember solution for my problem. My frame rails curve inward and gets narrow at the crossmember/motor mount location so I would require a crossmember of about 24” wide between the car’s frame. The problem is my track width is 62”. Available Mustang 2 crossmember kits that measure 24” typically have a track width of only about 56”.  
Do you have any ideas on how I can retrofit a Mustang 2 crossmember kit into my ‘65 Lincoln short of having to replace the frame with straight pieces to get rid of narrow the section? Would longer upper & lower control arms and a longer top hat be a good option for providing a wider track for a narrow crossmember?
Please Advise, Thanks!Gilbert

Dear Gilbert…
I think you should consider adding straight sections of plate steel to make the frame wider in the crossmember/upper tower area. This would be top, bottom and outside pieces to give an outside dimension of 35 – 36”. Then trim the stock frame inside the new pieces and add the fourth side. Now the crossmember can be mounted under and inside the frame and the towers can weld on top and outside. There are some pictures in the Mustang II section of our website showing frame pieces in stock frames. It is not an easy job.
The longer control arms would require a special rack and this could start a whole new set of things to adapt to.
Thanks for asking us about this.Paul Horton

Dear Welder Series…
Thanks for the recommendation and quick response! You confirmed what I was dreading, the frame has to be modified. 
I apologize if this sounds ignorant but to exhaust the other option, could longer tie rods/ends (approximately 3” longer each side) be used on the steering rack to accommodate the longer control arms? Or would this throw off other steering parameters?
Appreciate the advice,Gilbert

Dear Welder Series… 1951 Merc Mustang II?

Dear Welder Series…
Hi Paul
Building a 51 Merc do you have know which width will work best, also I don’t see it listed but do you have an already or mostly welded kit?

Dear Jeremy…
Jeremy, if your Mercury is a pickup (M1), use our F1 Mustang II kit or our 60-1/2” custom fit kit. You can also use our kits for coil-overs. If your Mercury is a passenger car, it will be necessary to modify the front frame section to install the Mustang II crossmember. Check the thumbnail pics on our website and read our instruction sheets while you look at your car’s frame.

Dear Welder Series… how much hp?

Dear Welder Series…
How much hp does your universal 4 link kit support? And can you estimate shipping to Saskatoon SK.

Dear Jesse…
A lot depends on the tires you are running and how you plan to beat on things. We build parts for street rods and feel they are top quality. A parallel rear 4-link kit does not give the same traction advantage that a race-type, non-parallel 4-link does. Freight from our door to yours is 10% of the order with a minimum charge of $15 and a maximum charge of $60.

Dear Welder Series… Panhard bar adjuster question

Dear Welder Series…
Received my order today. Your parts are absolutely fabulous. Just as advertised.
I do have a question though. Take a look at the pictures. The threaded bolt that goes into the threaded end of the pan hard bar on the end that gets welded to a bushing has a slight angle cut in it. Different from the others. I was wondering if it was supposed to be welded on an angle for mounting purposes or just a flaw in the cut off the bolt.

Dear Mike…
Hi Mike, thanks for your comments. The adjuster included in the universal panhard kit goes on the red end bracket and is notched on a 5 degree angle to clear the pinion. You’ll also notice the two frame tabs are different lengths – this is to compensate for the angle of the bar at the frame.
Thanks again!
DW Horton

April 2018 Photo Sharing

Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures of how Welder Series products are being used on your projects through the month of April. Hopefully these will spark an idea that you can use on your own project! See below the gallery for links to products shown. The winner (chosen at random by has been notified and a $50 credit has been applied!

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ODID/wallLengthPart #Price Per10pc purchase, 10% discountNote
3/4”7/16” ID1-7/8”10304$4.80Yes
3/4”1/2” ID1-3/8”18908$4.70YesFree machining steel. Not suitable for welding. Used as the inner sleeve in urethane bushings.
3/4”1/2” ID1-3/4”18918$4.80YesFree machining steel. Not suitable for welding. Used as the inner sleeve in urethane bushings.
3/4”5/8” ID1-3/8”18910$4.70YesFree machining steel. Not suitable for welding. Used as the inner sleeve in urethane bushings.
3/4”5/8” ID1-3/4”18920$4.80YesFree machining steel. Not suitable for welding. Used as the inner sleeve in urethane bushings.
7/8”1/2” ID2-1/4”1080$8.80Yes
7/8”3-1/2”214961$8.90YesNotched one end 1-3/8” for the #10093 urethane bushing tube. The other end is cut square. This is the upper engine mount tube.
7/8”4”214961$12.00YesNotched one end 1-3/8” for the #10093 urethane bushing tube. The other end is angle cut. This is the lower engine mount tube.
1”3/4” ID2-1/4”20952$5.30YesDesigned for 2-1/4” shackles with 3/4” diameter bushings.
1”5/8” ID3-3/8”21306$11.00Yes
1-3/8”11 ga1”10093$3.30YesFor WS and Pete & Jake’s #1203 (small Microflex bushings)
1-3/8”11 ga1-1/16”10092$3.30YesUsed with #20267 brake pedal bushing half
1-3/8”11 ga33-13/16”227362$42.00Used in our 36” sway bar kit
1-3/8”11 ga43-13/16”227462$42.00Used in our 46” sway bar kit
1-5/8”.188” wall1-5/16”21309$6.00YesFor WS and Pete & Jake’s #1205 (large Microflex bushings)
3” x 1-1/2”1/8” wall40”211512$27.00
7/8”.156” wall12”SM14x.156"$11.00/ftSeamless mechanical steel. For 4 link bars, panhard bars, drag links, etc. Maximum size 46”. Order in even lengths only.
1”.188” wall12”SM16x.188"$13.000/ftSeamless mechanical steel. For 4 link bars, panhard bars, drag links, etc. Maximum size 46”. Order in even lengths only.
1”.219” wall12”SM16x.219"$13.00/ftSeamless mechanical steel. For 4 link bars, panhard bars, drag links, etc. Maximum size 46”. Order in even lengths only.
2” x 3”.125”48”HS2x3x48$40.95
3” x 3”.125”48”HS3x3x48$49.05
2” x 4”.125”48”HS2x4x48$49.05
2” x 5”.125”48”HS2x5x48$60.75
2” x 6”.125”48”HS2x6x48$68.85

Dear Welder Series… 1957 F100 Mustang II

Dear Welder Series…
I’m building a 1957 F100, and would like to use some of your products, but I have a few questions.

I want to use your mustang 2 crossmember with coil overs, but I’m wanting to set the ride height of the truck pretty low, so clearance for wheels in turning becomes a concern. Would I be better off using your middle width m2 crossmember, and modify my frame, to pull the wheels in a bit? I also don’t have the wheels I’m planning to use, as I’m not quite sure what to order on backspacing. Any suggestions for that?


Dear Shane…
Hi, Shane. Thanks for asking but I’m not sure that I’ll be much help. Back when we built customer projects, we used 60-1/2” kits and 7” wide wheels. There was always lots of clearance.

Because you don’t have the wheels/tires, I’d suggest working on other areas of the project until you have had time to check out more vehicles at events to see what’s been used and how that was managed.

Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.
Paul Horton

Dear Welder Series… Model A front axle question

Dear Welder Series…
I just wanted to thank you for your catalog.
I am going to attempt at 64 years old to build my first hot rod on a fixed income(retired).
It’s a Model A full fendered and my question is can I use a stock 48 Ford axle (48′) with your flat front cross member,a reverse eye spring and 500 or 560-15 front tire and A)get the required drop or stance and B) will the front tires stick out too far into the fender as the 48 axle is 1 inch wider on each side.
Again many thanks,

Dear Bryan…
Good questions. I’ve been sitting looking at your email for a few minutes trying to decide how to answer them. And it comes down to: “It depends…”

It depends on the stance you want. A starting point might be to put the axle and wheels/tires that will be used under the car with no spring mounted. Use a short (4” long?) 2×4 on edge, running front-to-rear, on top of the axle and under the stock front crossmember. This mock-up will be about as close to a low spring arch as you can get. If you are ok with the tire width and fender clearance at this height you can consider going lower.

The flat crossmember will let you lower the front a maximum of 2” compared to the stock crossmember. The stock Model A rad bottom tank drops down into the stock crossmember area. The rad shell hides the upper and lower tanks and the side straps. Our flat crossmember will use up the space that the lower tank wants, so a custom rad would be required. The rad shell would not hide the bottom tank. This is something to consider.  

I hope this gives you some help with your build. Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.
Paul Horton

Dear Welder Series…
Thank you very much for your info Paul.
You have provided me some tips that I never knew in spite of reading hot rod magazines for 50 years.
Take care,