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Dear Welder Series… T56 Mount?

Dear Welder Series…
Good morning. I am getting ready to put an order together and had a few questions,

1. Your simple transmission mount kit, will it work for a Tremec T56 bolt pattern?
2. Also your universal sway bar. I currently have your 4 link system, will the sway bar shift from side to side for the 4 link movies a 1/4-1/2 ” from side to side when the suspension is traveling.
3. Your exhaust hangers do you have them in stainless 304 or 409?
Thanks, Mike
Dear Mike…
Good questions.

1.  All of our transmission mounts work with the 2268 and 31158G insulator. These insulators both fit your T56 trans. Regarding the crossmembers, http://welderseries.com/Transmission-Mounts-Crossmembers-c13290625, your shifter handle mounting area might hit the crossmember of the 2115 style. If you want to use this mount, the crossmember could be notched for clearance. I like the 2115 because it adds a crossmember to the frame and the drop-out saddle makes it easy to remove the trans.
2.  The rod end links in the sway bar kit allow for left-to-right movement during suspension travel. For more info about sideways movement, you could read https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxUbZIT8qqYCdmF2N2RCR2MxQlU/edit .
3.  We do have stainless exhaust hangers. Stainless hangers are referenced SS, mild steel MS.  Flanges are also available in MS and SS material.
Thanks again for looking at Welder Series for your project.
Paul Horton
Dear Welder Series…
Awesome thanks for the quick response I appreciate it

Dear Welder Series… Transmission mount for ’56 F100?

Dear Welder Series…
I’m building a 1956 F100. Supercharged 5.4 with 4r100 trans. I have purchased your engine mounts, but I’m looking for a tranny mount that will work with the 4r100


Dear Andy…
Andy, have a look at our 2115 trans mount and crossmember:

and the 205043 Ford adapter plate:

which use the insulator/rubber mount:

205041 has recently been modified (now #205043) so it will work with transmissions that have rubber mount hole centers from 5-5/16″ to 5-9/16″. All of this has to be filtered by you knowing that I am not at all familiar with this transmission, except by looking online.

Thanks for looking to Welder Series on this problem.

Dear Welder Series… custom transmission mount

Dear Welder Series…
Paul and Dorothy,
Ordered some parts from you all a couple of weeks ago to make a trans mount for a 1990 corvette trans that I am putting in my 56 Chevy pickup. Paul even call the day after I ordered to make sure I ordered the correct parts. Thanks, I appreciate that. Paul said send some pics when I got it made and on the truck so here it goes.

Dale cherry picked some brackets from other transmission mount kits and made his own. He used our 350 adapter plate, a shock mount plate, and a little tab that normally welds into the adapter plate, but he only used one side of it. You’ll understand when you see the pictures.

This is one of the reasons Welder Series is here. Thanks for being creative, Dale.

DW Horton

Dear Welder Series… GM SM420 Transmission Mount?

Dear Welder Series…
I ordered universal motor mounts an the tranny kit. The motor mounts will work fine. The tranny kit baffles me at this point. It is a beautiful design, and I would like to use it as it will give me plenty of clearance for dual exhaust.
The tranny is a SM420 that GM used from 1947 to 1967. It is a 4 speed manual with the lowest 1st gear ever. Pretty popular with Jeep people these days. The tranny mounts at the bell housing.

I noticed on the web that many 4 wheelers have transfer cases attached the would mount from the back. This is going into a 1962 Dodge d100 truck. 2 wheel drive (no transfer case).

Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Spoke with Paul yesterday


Dear Rick…
Rick, it looks like a crossmember will have to be fabricated with tabs or bosses to line up with the holes in the transmission.  Urethane bushings could be used at each end of the crossmember to provide some insulation.  Brackets welded to the frame would put the urethane bushing in double shear.

I hope this helps feed your imagination.

Paul Horton