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Dear Welder Series: sway bar for Camaro clip?

Dear Welder Series…

Hey DW.
Hope all is well sir
Am working on a 39 Chev that someone has grafted a Camaro (I think) clip on with stock control arms.

I can’t get the factory sway bar in around the bottom of the rad etc.

Do you have parts available in your universal sway bar kit(s) to make something work?


Dear John…
Good morning, John. Paul Horton here.

The tube that encloses our sway bar is 1-3/8” diameter and installs straight across the frame. It can go below, through, or above the frame, 8 – 10” behind or in front of where the sway bar arms will link to the upper or lower control arms. In an IFS installation, often the outer tube is slightly longer than the outside width of the frame where it mounts. The arms have to be bent for tire clearance in a turn.
I’m not familiar with the stock Camaro bar and where it doesn’t clear, but maybe the above info and the pics on the web store will give you some ideas. You could email pics to info@welderseries.com and I’d see if I could make some suggestions.
Thanks for considering our sway bar.
Paul Horton
Dear Welder Series…
Good enough sir thank you very much