We made it to the TV box!

If you were watching Trucks!TV over the weekend, you probably saw our Mustang II crossmember kit being installed in their project ’49 Chev pickup. It was great to finally see it – if you remember, I mentioned this episode a while back. The good news is if you go to the Powerblock TV website you’ll be able to catch the Mustang II episode for a little while. Here’s a link to get you right to the video: CLICK HERE.

I should mention that the show is not a step-by-step assembly guide. In the video, one of the crossmember plates is shown being bent on the bench. The slotted rack mount is shown on the right, but our instructions and installation videos tell you to bend the plate down with the slot on the left. It’s a small step that makes a big difference – I’m glad Kevin caught it before it was welded in the truck. This is 100% necessary for rack clearance at the input shaft, as well as proper positioning of the rack. The slotted hole allows the use of either a 74-78 manual rack, or a later model power rack. When they install it later in the show, the crossmember has the slotted rack mount on the left.

I really like how they centered the wheels in the fenders to measure wheelbase – this is a really good idea because from the factory, Chevrolet wasn’t too concerned with centering the wheels in the opening, and usually not until the truck is lowered to a “nicer” ride height does this become more obvious. Getting the ride height and wheelbase established before you measure to trim the crossmember is key. At the end of the show, they were talking about how they could lower it if it’s not sitting where they want it after it settles… with shorter springs, etc. When the truck was mocked up at ride height and they measured the frame/spindle centerline, that’s when their ride height was determined. At that height, the lower control arm should be level. It could have been set up lower at that point, and then a spring with a different rate could be used to get the truck sitting so the lower control arm is level.

If you’re around next weekend (10th and 11th of October), please check out Trucks!TV on Powerblock again when they install our rear four link kit on the same truck.

Thanks to Kevin and Ryan from Trucks!TV for the install!

To see more Mustang II installation/ assembly videos, please click the part below.




  1. Kevin Tetz says:

    Thanks for the kind words DW and Paul! Our intention with the show was to demonstrate how easy the system is to assemble and install. Welder series instructions are VERY clear and concise with all the appropriate information included, and reference to the location of the slotted mount is clear as well. Sometimes in production and post production shots get reversed for variety, and often we omit small details in order to tell the “big picture” story, since we have such limited time to show products and install them. Hopefully what potential customers take away from this is that Paul Horton Welder Series products are very cost effective and simple to install; this was certainly our conclusion, and we’re fortunate to be exposed to many different products in regards to our jobs. These components are perfect for the DIYer! The rear universal 4 link will show up on the air soon as well, and the final shots of the stance of our ’49 say it all.

    Thanks again guys! Congratulations on great products!


  2. Rob Davison says:

    They did a good job of showing all the steps or at least all of the important steps and didn’t skip over a lot. Quite a feat with the work involved. I’ve got it saved on dvr and will no doubt watch it several more times before I do mine on my 48. Now to get a bit of overtime to pay for it.

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