STOLEN CAR: Red 1948 Ford Business Coupe

Stolen on September 29th, from a house in Breslau Ontario. The owner is a very, very big man.

1948 Ford Business Coupe

Pro Street
502 BB Chev, Tubbed 9 inch Ford Turbo 400
Frenched Headlights, shaved and smoothed
Bright Red, Tan Interior- Custom painted dash and garnish mouldings


  1. Tom Ewing says:

    Hey pal really sorry to hear about your car being stolen. I really hate that. So many car people are so generous, helpful, trusting etc that it really rocks our world when someone outside our hobby or “one of us” breaks the code etc. I sure hope you get your car back. There’s always a chance, and people like me will keep our eyes and ears open for any sign of it. Wish you good luck. Tom

    • DW says:

      Thanks Tom. The car actually belongs to a friend of the family. Our families have traveled together for around 20 years or more. Thanks for keeping a watch out.

  2. Robert Warrington says:

    I will certainly be watching for it in Florida and all over the United States. I am a truck driver, born in 1948, so I will certainly notice a red car from that era. Best of luck.

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