TV is Good! …More Parts on TrucksTV!

Question: What day is it?

<if> Friday, Saturday, or Sunday<then> move to paragraph 1.
<if> >Monday, <then> move to paragraph 2.

Paragraph 1:
Hi!  You’re in a good position, because there’s still time to watch Welder Series parts being installed on “Project ClasSix”, a ’49 Chevy pickup being built by Kevin and Ryan on Trucks!TV. Point the antenna at Spike TV on Saturday or Sunday at noon (you might want to double check the time in your area) to check out the show. They will be installing our rear four link kit this weekend… last weekend they assembled and installed a ready-to-weld Mustang II kit.  As they said on the show: “it’s like hot rod origami!”


Paragraph 2:
Sadness and grief, dear friend. If you were wondering where the random pangs of guilt were originating from over the weekend, I think it’s because you missed Kevin and Ryan installing a Welder Series rear four link kit in their ’49 Chevy build, “Project ClasSix” on Trucks!TV. The good news here is that by going to and clicking on “trucks”, you can view the full episode for about a week!


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