Dear Welder Series… upper bars with trailing arms?

Dear Welder Series…
I am currently building a 66/73/….&  many other year parts Chevrolet short bed step side. I like the price of your triangulated rear parts and was wondering if it would work to use just the upper links and brackets being that the truck already has good trailing arms. This truck is being built as a weekend cruiser probably won’t see the drag strip though I would like to maximize  the handling. (just something to enjoy driving) Also is there any added charges to ship to the U.S. (Virginia)? (import / export taxes etc.)

Dear Jamie…
Jamie, a rear 4-link (triangulated or parallel) works because both ends of the upper AND lower bars pivot. The lower arms on your truck are fastened so they can’t pivot at the rear end. The rear suspension will bind if upper arms are mounted. The rear suspension would be virtually solid (until something broke). Our rear Panhard kit WS2184 would give the rear end more stability.

There is no duty on our parts going to the U.S. and we look after all of the other border costs.  Note that our prices are in Canadian Dollars and your credit card company will add a few dollars for their “service”.

Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.

Paul Horton

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