Dear Welder Series… universal hidden hinge kit

Dear Welder Series…
I saw your video on you tube about a Universal Hidden Hinge kit – I like the way it was designed – do you sell these kits. If so how much plus shipping.
Thanks, Gary

Dear Gary…
There are 2 kits, Gary.  The hinge arms are 13-3/4×6-1/2 and 19-3/4×8-1/4.  Parts for either kit are $150.00.  Freight would be $15 in Canada or the lower 48 States.

Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.

Paul Horton


  1. Rick says:

    Hello,awesome uweld products.
    Was wondering how the hinge pin area sits into pillar on a suicide 35 coupe?
    Any pictures of a installed set?

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