Dear Welder Series… rear shock placement?

Dear Welder Series,
I completed an axle flip with the use of some of your products.  This made it very easy since I have never attempted this before! My question now is about rear shock placement.  The current shock mounts are severely angled and I don’t think they will work out any more.  Would you recommend using your rear shock crossmember for this? Is there an axle shock bracket you sell? And what shock angle would you recommend?  Also, I’d like to use your spring bushings on my stock leafs if possible.  Thanks for your great products and expert help!

Vehicle: 1964 Ford F100 2wd, lowered.


Dear Sal,
If the shocks are angled severely from a side view, our WS154467 crossmember (similar to WS154460 but with smaller tubes and 7/16″ hardware) would be a good one to use.  If the shock angle is when viewed from the rear, could new mounts be made on the stock crossmember?  Welder Series has lots of tubes and gussets that might help with this.

We should have a rear axle lower shock mount by the end of January.  It will be on our blog as soon as it is on the shelf.

I doubt that our urethane bushings will fit your spring eyes.  Energy Suspension has lots of bushings and might have something for your truck.

Thanks for the pat of the back.

Paul Horton

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