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Worth Repeating

I honestly can’t remember if I posted these pictures yet, but I was going through flagged emails tonight and I know exactly why this one was flagged.

D&D Rod & Custom in Church Hill TN do really, really clean work. They narrowed one of our Mustang II crossmember kits for this 1950 Mercedes frame, and used an assortment of other Welder Series pieces. I like the little tab on the engine mount plate which mounts the lower tab of the alternator. Also, check out their frame table… see the two pieces of C channel welded back to back with a few spacers between them? From what I can gather, a bolt slides in the space between the channels, and tightens on a plate top and bottom. Simple way to adjust the width of the uprights! Clever fellas.

Dear Welder Series… narrow Mustang II crossmember?

Dear Welder Series…
I presently have a car that uses Armstrong front shocks and I want to replace the front suspension with your Mustang II Crossmember Kit. The problem is the frame is tubular and very narrow. The front tread is 45 1/2 inch. Can your kit be made to work? Thanks Frank

Dear Frank…
Frank, Maval Mfg can make a Mustang II rack up to 9″ narrower than stock. This would get the track width down to 47-1/2″ with stock (length) upper and lower arms and stock, 4-bolt rotors. Aftermarket brake kits often move the wheel mounting face of the rotors outboard or inboard, changing the track width. Shorter upper and lower arms will narrow the track width. I’ve heard that there are arms 1″ shorter than stock. This would get you in the 45-1/2″ range by cutting a portion out of the middle of our crossmember (shown below).


Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.

Dear Welder Series… 52″ track width Mustang II?

Dear Welder Series…
I am interested in replacing the MGB front suspension in my Cobra replica. I am planning to buy your unwelded coilover cross member and cut it down to make the pivot points of the lower a-arm match the pivot points of a MGB steering rack and fabricate rack mounting brackets for it. I need to make the hub to hub width about 52″. I plan to use some Bilstien coilovers left over from Lotus Elise project with 371 pounds per inch springs. These are not the adjustable type, so I may have to drill extra holes to get the ride height right.

I drive my car in rallies and Solos 2 events VERY hard. I need to lose some weight, improve geometry and gain bigger brakes (I plan to get Wilwoods). Please check out this picture of my car: http://www.clubcobra.com/photopost/data/500/DSC00456.jpg. So any advice you can give me will be very much appreciated.

Thank you,

Dear Paul…
Good looking Cobra, Paul.  (Does it have a heater?)

The 52″ track width can be done, as outlined on our website at http://welderseries.com/blog/?s=narrow+Mustang+II .

I’m not clear about your MGB parts use.  If you plan to use all of the MGB parts on our crossmember, there will be some fab work required.  It looks like you are ok with that.

I hope this reply helps with your plans.

Mustang II Application Chart

I’ve added a table which tells you what track width Mustang II kits will work best on which vehicles. The list will be updated as I get time to go through the thousands of emails asking “what track width should I use on my ________?”

We are often asked about making a Mustang II crossmember kit for a track width less than the stock 56-1/2”. 56-1/2” is the distance from the rotors wheel mounting face to face. Aftermarket brake kits and rotors can change this 56-1/2” dimension. It’s good to have the brake kit, rotors, wheels and tires before deciding how much the crossmember should be narrowed.

Here are the steps I’d suggest:
Read all the way through this for best results.

Use our 56-1/2” kit, for either stock springs or coil-overs. Coil-overs will provide more spring to frame clearance and make it easier to dial in ride height and ride quality.

Get the wheels and tires that will be used.

Get the brake kit and rotors that will be used. (Might as well get the calipers, too, but this won’t affect the crossmember width.)
Mock up the car at ride height and position the wheels and tires, front-to-back and at the desired track width.

Compare the spindle height (the center of the wheel) to the height of the frame at the bottom. Decide on stock or dropped spindles. See our coil over kit instructions, page 6, or coil spring kit instructions, page 6 for info regarding this decision.

Decide on stock length or shortened (narrowed) control arms. The upper arm cross shafts on stock length arms will be about 29-1/2” center-to-center with a stock rotor-to-rotor face width of 56-1/2”. When the crossmember gets shortened, the control arms will move closer together by the same amount. See if there will be clearance issues because of this. Shorter control arms will move the pivot point out by their “shortened” amount, given that the spindle location does not change. Shorter arms will mean a slightly choppier ride. Get the upper and lower arms that you decide on.

Mock up the wheel/tire, spindle, brake kit, rotor, and lower control arm. Put the assembly in position in the fender of the mock-up. The tire should be very close to vertical. Make the lower arm level. This can be done on just one side. Measure from the frame centerline to the lower arm pivot and double that dimension. Or mock up both sides and measure lower control arm pivots center-to-center. Subtract the lower arm pivot dimension from 22-1/4” and you have the amount that the crossmember should have removed from between the rack mounts.

It will be necessary to use a shorter than stock rack. Some machine shops will do this and there are aftermarket companies that make custom-length Mustang II racks. Before making the crossmember shorter, confirm that a rack will be available. 

VehicleTrack WidthComments
Chev, 1962-67 Nova56"
Chev, Car, 1935-195456"
Chev, Pickup, 1937-1955 (early series)56"
Chev, Pickup, 1955 (second series)- 1959 60"
Ford, Car, 1933-194856"
Ford, Falcon, 1964-556"
Ford, Car, 1954-5958"https://welderseries.com/57-ford-mustang-ii-install/
Ford, Mustang, 1965-656"
Ford, Mustang, 1967-7058"
Ford, Mustang, 1971-7360"
Ford, Pickup, 1935-194156"
Ford, Pickup, 1942-195258"
Ford, Ranger, 1983-8856"
Ford, Pickup, 1953-1979 F10060"
Mercury, Comet, 1960-6356"
Plymouth, 194956"
Studebaker, 193456"
Studebaker, Pickup, 194958"
Willys Jeepster, 194956"
Willys Pickup & Panel (with top hat frame), 1946-5456"
These are the correct track width kits for the corresponding vehicles.