Dear Welder Series… how much to narrow my Mustang II?

Dear Welder Series…
I’ve got a customer that needs a Mustang II setup that is narrower than 56″. He has channeled his front sheetmetal to the point that the tires hit the fenders on turning. To correct this I have had him remove the entire front clip frame and now we are going to add a new subframe and front end suspension. I’m planning on going with a 2X3 frame rail with a mustang II front end. I can have the rack narrowed locally and would like to narrow the crossmember a like amount to get the track narrower. I’m planning on running the frame rails on the inside of the A-arm stands and think a rear rack might work better. I forgot he would like to go with a coil-over shock setup and with a rate that would support a big block Chevrolet iron motor.
What I need from you is a list of everything we need to make this up. Hub to hub including brakes. I can call you if that would be simpler.
Thanks Gary

Dear Gary…
Gary, I’d position the wheels and tires in the fenders and measure the distance from wheel mounting surface to surface.  Then mock up the whole front end from tire to tire on one of our 56″ coil-over kits.  Measure from rotor wheel mounting surface to rotor wheel mounting surface.  Subtract the measurement you want from the tire positioning dimension and shorten the 56″ crossmember that amount.  This will put the tires exactly where you want them with the control arms and brakes that will be used.  The crossmember can be reinforced with fishplates inside.

We can provide the crossmember kit,


brake kits,


and fishplates


but not control arms or coil-overs.

Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.  We want to help with this project.

Paul Horton

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