Dear Welder Series… triangulated vs. parallel four link questions

Dear Welder Series…
Hi there, just wondering if you make a specific rear 4 link kit, set up for air bags, for a ’57 GMC long box. I’m also not sure which way to go on the triangulated or parallel scenario. If you have any input there it would be appreciated. Do your kits weld brackets to the frame or bolt on? The truck will be a daily driver with a gm 5.3-4L60E  for power and a rear diff from an S10 truck. Not going to the track or doing burnouts all the time, just looking for an awesome smooth ride and dependability. Also, would you recommend air bags or shockwave struts (for the same reason, ride and dependability). I will tow a boat with this truck on occasion. Would the air bags be in front of the diff or behind the diff? If you have pics that would be great. I can weld the stuff myself, but if you could price the parts both ways and include shipping to Calgary Ab that would be great.

thanks, Dennis

Dear Dennis…
Dennis, the triangulated rear 4-link costs less than the parallel by the amount of the Panhard kit. The parallel kit with a Panhard bar is easier to adjust to center the frame left-to-right, to adjust the wheelbase, and to adjust the pinion angle. When the Panhard is installed with the bushing bolts both the same height from the ground, there is very little side-to-side movement through normal suspension travel. I have built and driven on both suspensions and couldn’t tell the difference.

We could do a rear kit (triangulated or parallel) without the coil-over bolt support blocks in the axle brackets. Those brackets could then be used as shock mounts. The air bags could be mounted from 21870 and 474208 brackets.

The ShockWaves use adjustable shocks and the whole package is easy to mount. The shocks are the key to ride quality. The air pressure will support the load.

All of our kits require welding to the frame or axle.

I like mounting the bags or ShockWaves behind the axle. I feel this gives better suspension control.

We don’t sell ShockWaves or other air bags.

Here are some part numbers and links to our web store. You can plug them into the order form (cart) to get totals for the various combinations. The store will calculate the shipping for the different groups of parts. If you send the part numbers you’d like, I can do a quote for you if you would rather not use the store.

I hope this helps you get closer to actual “garage work” making sparks.

Paul Horton


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