Dear Welder Series… Adjusters

Dear Welder Series…
I need to make 8 adjustable ends for a 4-link I am building. I want all ends to be bushed, and all ends will need to utilize a 5/8″ bolt. 4 of the ends will need to be 1 3/4″ total width (sleeve width) and 4 will need to be 2 1/2″ total width. I would like to use (4) 3/4″ RH adjuster studs and (4) 3/4″ LH adjuster studs. Do I need to by all of these different components separately, or is there a kit? If separately, what are all the part numbers I need?

Thank you.


Dear Vance…
Vance, do you need the 2-1/2″ wide bushings to fit in brackets that are already in place?  If so, it might be less costly to get our standard 1-3/4″ wide bushings and make spacers to go on each side.

If the spacer idea works for you, here are the part numbers with links to our web store:
8 urethane bushings
4 left hand adjusters
4 right hand adjusters

The adjusters are available welded.  This is an option shown just below the video.

Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.  I hope we can help with your project.

Paul Horton

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