1953 Studebaker Pickup with a Welder Series Mustang II Crossmember

Dear Welder Series… 1953 International PU Mustang II

Dear Welder Series…
I want to purchase a coil spring front cross member kit. It is going into a 53 International with a stock tread width of 60-1/2″. Questions …. I have Granada rotors on MII spindles … do I need the 58″ or 60″ x-member? The frame width is 28-1/4″ out to out  …. which size will work best?I have seen the Swartz build, but can find no reference to which width he used.

Dear Rich…
Rich, I’m checking with Grant Schwartz now.
To decide the track width kit to use, position the wheels and tires that you’ll use in the fender opening and measure wheel mounting surface to surface.
28-1/4” outside dimension might require a work-around, but let’s take one step at a time.
Thanks for looking at Welder Series’ parts. Paul Horton

Dear Welder Series…
Here are the measurements for the frame. The outside measurement is 28-1/4″ from 6″ ahead of Z to 1″ behind Z then tapers to 28-7/8″ at 6″ behind Z.

Dear Rich…
Installation tips and cut lines drawings are attached.

Dear Welder Series…
I will take pictures as I go and will send you a file when the frame is done…. might be a month or so at the rate this old fart works….. and have to keep the house projects going to keep the boss happy. A Jag rear is the next stage of the project.
This project is replacing my daily driver as it has seen 12 years and a lot of abuse.  Engine is 5 cylinder M/B turbo and is still going strong. 


  1. Eddie Boswell says:

    What an awesome build…I’m working on my own studebaker champ it’s a 1960. I’m looking for a mustang 2 setup with a crossmember that will let me use the 350 in it now.

    • DW says:

      Hi Eddie, you can check out the Mustang II crossmember kits on our web store, but we don’t sell the additional components like springs, rack, spindles etc. We also have Chevy engine mounts that are universal fit.


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