Dear Welder Series… sway bar arm mounting question

Dear Welder Series…
Paul / DW,
Pretend with me, for a moment, that the zip ties, wood blocks (intended ride height), etc were replaced by welds, springs and so forth. My question is, do you think this configuration would perform properly? My available room is quite limited so I need to go to the rear of the axle. I’m thinking if I use the full length of the Sway Bar Arms it would have a flatter (?) arc and cause less deflection (bending) on the sway bar. Do you see a drawback to this setup? I could move the tabs to, or nearer, the bottom of axle housing if need be. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Wayne

Dear Wayne…
Wayne, at ride height, the sway bar works best when the sway bar arm linkage hole is on a horizontal line with the centerline of the bar. And, you certainly don’t want the rear end to touch the arm through complete suspension travel.
Have you looked at the brackets that mount the bar off of the axle?  Also see “Lower Axle Mount” at The lower shock mount brackets could also be used:
The linkage would then go up to the frame. The arm centers should still be horizontal at ride height. You could use 2 male rod ends and a tube to get the length need if the male/female linkage is too short.
I hope this helps. Paul

Dear Welder Series…
Thanks Paul. I knew that but lost sight of it when I thought I found a “sweet spot “. You da man! Wayne

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