1929 Essex Mustang II

Dear Welder Series: 1929 Essex Mustang II Install

Welder Series offers a service where we can guide you where to cut the crossmember after you provide some key dimensions. Here’s how it works…

Mustang II Crossmember Trim Lines Worksheet

Dear Welder Series…

Hi Paul. Prior to me cutting the notches in my clip, could you have a quick look and see if it will work. I think this ok but….. Its on a 29 Essex no fender, with 2″ drop spindles. Frame width is 24″ inside and 28″ out side, Frame is 2″ wide and 2-3/4 ” high

Thanks John

Dear John… Good morning, John.

I’m working on your Mustang II cut lines and realized I didn’t ask some questions yesterday:

Are the frame rails parallel?  (28” & 24” from 5” ahead to 5” back from centerline)  If not, what are the dimensions at those points?

You said the rails are 2-3/4” high at axle centerline.  What is the frame rail height 5” ahead and 5” back from c/l?



Dear Welder Series…

Hi Paul
The frame rails are parallel. The frame rail height 5″ ahead is c/l is 2-3/4″ and 5″ back of c/l is 3-1/8″.
When fitting the cross member last night I had to grind a little more get it to fit . In my picture to you I had the depth of the cut at 2.5″, when it is now 2-3/4 ”

Thanks so much for your help !!!!

Cheers John

Dear John…

Hi, John.

Here are the cut lines to put the bottom of your frame 10-1/2” from the ground with dropped spindles and a 26” diameter tire.
Please send pictures when you get the kit installed.
Thanks for using Welder Series’ parts.
Paul Horton

Dear Welder Series…

Hi Paul
Please see attached pictures of the 1929 Three Window Essex Coupe 🙂
Thanks for all your help !!! Soon to be chopped and channeled.
Kind regards John

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