’32 update… nice heads (article 37)

As the car goes back together, we’re finding little things that we’ve wanted to get done which have made their way to the bottom of the proverbial pile. We had talked a long time ago about making some sleeves so we could put 3/8″ button head bolts in the spreader bar holes instead of the 1/2″ bolts that came with the spreader bar. The thought was brought up again during reassembly, and instead of trying to machine some spacer/ washers so the 3/8″ bolt wouldn’t be sloppy in the 1/2″ hole, I made a pilgrimage to the lathe and removed some metal. Here’s the result – a smaller, thinner head. This is a before/after shot, with the before bolt in hole on the right.



  1. Rob says:

    Very nice way to clean up the front end of the frame rails.
    It’s those simple things that really make a car right.

  2. DW says:

    Ron, I’m not sure what you mean… we’re using the Air Ride Technologies lower mounts for the Shockwaves. Is that what you’re thinking about?


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