There’s sad news over on the HAMB… a young boy that the members had “adopted” has passed away due to a desease called chordoma.  While I didn’t know him personally, I certainly felt his presence on the HAMB.

I can’t imagine the loss to his family.



  1. Rob says:

    R.I.P. Andy
    As many others did, I followed then build of his car on the H.A.M.B. and the photos of his ear to ear grin when he got to drive the car to a show a few months ago were priceless.
    A neat little guy who will be missed by many.

  2. alonso.enriquez says:

    Andy as others in the past brought out the gentler side of the hobby into the spotlight. Never met him personally yet thought of him as a distant “nephew”. Will be missed ,wish the best for his family whose life changed last week.


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