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Sway Bar Kit, Trim to Fit, 3/4" Bar
Sway Bar Kit, Trim to Fit, 3/4" Bar
Sway Bar Kit, Trim to Fit, 3/4" Bar
36" and 45" lengths, select options to build complete kit.


Get 50% off quantities of 50 or more of these Welder Series brackets, gussets, tabs, tubes, and plates. Click on the item to see pricing.

No additional discounts applicable.

Alternator Mounts

Small block Chev alternator mount kits in bare steel, available welded and ready-to-weld. Pieces are also available separately. Kits include all hardware.

Brake Pedal Kits

We have a few options for mounting your brake pedal. Most kits can also mount a clutch pedal too. Our kits all mount the pedal in double shear, which is much stronger than sliding the pedal onto a pin. We have pedal ratios for manual and power brakes, with offset and straight options, as well as "boomerang" and vertical pedals.

Chassis Parts

This category includes C notches, step notches, all our transmission crossmember options, boxing plates, and frame curves.