Mustang II Installed Pics: 1952 Chevy Pickup

As Steve was installing his Welder Series coil over Mustang II crossmember, he snapped some pictures (do you still snap pictures with a digital camera?) and sent them to be added to our monthly photo sharing draw. I know he’s bought a triangulated four link for the same truck… I can’t wait to see those install pictures too! That’s great, thanks very much for using our parts, Steve.

Depending on your ride height, notching the top part of your frame rails might be necessary. The instruction sheets included in the kit will show you how to determine whether you’ll have to trim your frame or not.

Steve used a Mustang II 56″ track width for his ’52.

Send your installed pics to We’ll enter you in a monthly draw to win a $50 credit on your account here.

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