Dear Welder Series… Dodge Frame Question

Dear Welder Series…
Mr.Horton, looking at the pictures of the cross member installation in the 36 Dodge Humpback, I do not see (any) modifications to the hump in the frame. Is your cross member ready to install without modifications?

I have seen many pictures where the hump is taken out of the frame on other builds. I want to leave the frame in my sedan factory, without removing the hump. Also, I want to lower the car, but not enough to drag. Will your crossmember drop it enough or will I need to change the spindles to a 2″ drop also. Thank you!

Dear Tommy…
Thanks for asking, Tommy. Here is a photo showing the humpback ready to drive.

Most people do take the hump out of the front frame section. Grant Schwartz did this frame. (  Those are dropped spindles on the Horton Hot Rod Parts humpback.

I hope this helps with your planning.

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