Mustang II Comparison: Coilovers vs. Coil Springs

Dear Welder Series…
Which of your Mustang II front end kits do you recommend, staying with conventional coil springs and shocks?

Dear Harry…
This is an excellent question, Harry… So much so that I now have a “canned” answer.  DW will probably have it in his blog soon.  Here is my latest comparison:

Advantages of a conventional spring & shock kit:
–  Lower overall cost.
–  Easy to go to air ride.

Advantages of a coil-over kit:
–  Easy to change spring rate to dial in the ride height and ride quality.
–  The ride height, with a given spring rate, can be easily adjusted using the adjustable lower spring seat.  This means the designed ride height can be maintained with a range of spring rates, not just one rate.  One person might prefer a firm ride, another might like a softer ride.
–  Coil-overs often have adjustable shock valving to dial in the ride.
–  Many coil-overs have a broader range of spring rates.
–  Springs are available in smaller rate increments than the conventional springs.
–  Lighter, more “performance” look.

I hope this helps.  Please write or call if you have other questions.

Paul Horton


  1. Gregg says:

    I’m planning a MustangII conversion on an 87 Ranger and am in the R&D phase at this point. I’ve read the comparison “Coilovers vs. Coilsprings and have one unanswered concern about making this decision and that is, my conversion could see 10,000-15,000 miles a year and I feel the typical coil over ball type mounting end will not stand up well to everyday use? Am I wrong?
    One other thing I really want is to eliminate the the lower strut in favor of a triangulated lower control arm. It apears I would have to adapt a lower control arm to one of your kits? I really want to use your products, you have the most information and best prices that I have found.


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