Dear Welder Series… how will I know where my truck will sit?

Dear Welder Series…

Love the welder series videos.

I will be installing my first Mustang 2 suspension in a 1954 Chevrolet 3/4 ton truck.  I will be using one of your crossmember kits.  My question is:  How do I determine how high/low to mount the crossmember to get my desired ride height?  I am concerned about welding everything in and being to low or high.


Dear Welder Series…

You mock up your frame at ride height and compare the frame height to the center of your tire & wheel.  This will be 1/2 of the tire diameter less 1/2″ for tire flattening under load.  This will also be spindle height.  There is a small reference notch in our crossmember at spindle height.  You relate the frame height to spindle height (which is also the crossmember reference notch) and that gives you the correct ride height.

The detailed instructions are online: click here.

Follow the worksheets and your truck will sit exactly as you want it.

Thanks for asking.
Paul Horton


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