Dear Welder Series… Model A parts

Dear Welder Series…
Hi, I’m building a 1931 model a sport coupe. I am in the process of boxing the rails. What I am interested in is your m2 frond end kit. I am also interested in the back frame member shown in your video, but cannot find it in your online catalog. I plan on using a 4.6 liter, with and AOD trans. I will also be interested in a kit for the motor and trans mounts for the same. Can you advise? also please send a catalog to:

Dear Paul…
Paul, here are some products you are looking at:

Model ‘A’ Mustang II:


Model ‘A’ rear crossmember (for narrowed rails):


4.6 L engine mounts:

Transmission mount:

To use the 2115-style mount, you will have to make a transmission adapter similar to this product:

(Check the hole spacing on your transmission with the specs in the description.)

We will mail a catalog to you.

Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.

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