Dear Welder Series… how to lower my Model A?

Dear Welder Series…
Just started a Rat Rod Model A Ford.
I chose a Model A becouse my family collect them and we have lots of cool parts to make one with.
But I am stumped on how to lower the front end  and where to get information and parts.
I like the suicide front end and have seen the options you offer like the Flat Front crossmember & the spring perch kit. Would I need both?
Can I order the Suicide spring perch kit already welded?
I work at a large car dealership and have access to getting some help and welding but mostly trying to build it with my sons.
I have watched some of your videos already and they are very helpful – are there any more that would help me with the front end?


Dear Kenneth…
Kenneth, the flat front crossmember (below) is designed to mount the spring in the channel, much like a stock Model ‘A’ front crossmember.

The suicide perch (below) is designed to mount the spring ahead of a round tube front crossmember.

You would not use both of them. The suicide perch is not offered welded because the main plate gets welded to the crossmember first and the gussets would be in the way.

I hope we can help with parts for your project.

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