What’s Your Hourly Rate?

For an upcoming economic experiment, I’m looking for hot rod shop hourly rates. If you don’t mind replying to this post, or sending me an email, I’ll compile the list and let you know what I come up with.

Please let me know if you would not like your shop rate published.



  1. Titanium Man says:

    Intense Automotive Design Research and Development
    IAD Racing

    Shop rates are as follows:

    CAD Design: $265.00 per hr.
    Metal Fabrication $245.00 per hr.
    Machine Shop $210.00 per hr.
    Composite Shop $325.00 per hr.
    Welding Shop $195.00 per hr.
    Concept Vehicle Design $750.00 per hr.
    Engine Development $250.00 per hr.
    Dyno Room $225.00 per hr.
    Paint Shop $ depends on project

  2. John Edwards says:

    As you may recall, we’ve been an advocator of DW for Prime Minister for some time, although it now appears he’s directing his candidacy toward the Ministry of Finance.

    What better way than a nation wide, economic study based on the labor rates of Hot Rod shops.

    We are pleased to contribute to your study.

    Dream Machines Ltd. is currently billing out at $75.00 per straight time man hour.

    Best of luck with your endeavors,

    John Edwards

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