Dear Welder Series… Model A front four bar bars

Dear Welder Series…
Do you make front four bar links 7 degree (custom length) for 31 model A?

Thanks Glen

Dear Glen…
Glen, our Model ‘A’ front 4-bar kit uses 5 degree adjusters with a 46″ axle and 9 degree with a 48″ axle. We can make custom bars with the welded end at 7 degrees. The adjuster would be straight. These bars would cost $30 more (for the set of 4 bars) than our custom length bars. This would cover 2 machine set-ups (one to set to 7 degrees, one to go back to zero.) 7/8″ welded, custom-length bars cost $45 each for a total of $180 plus the $30 for 7 degree machining for a grand total of $210.

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