Dear Welder Series… 1965 Ranchero rear suspension?

Dear Welder Series…
I have a 1965 Ford Ranchero that we are restomodding.
I am interested in getting modern suspension on the rear of it. Any recommendations? 4 link? Also my son is a Ford mechanic and I tinker, would it be beyond us to build this suspension? A pre-made 4 link for this truck is very expensive.

Dear Ben…
Ben, either the parallel or the triangulated rear kit would be good on your Ranchero. The parallel kit is easier to install and set up, but requires a Panhard kit that adds about $100 to the cost.


You’ll notice that the kits are available as components only (nothing welded) so you can save money.

In the general Rear Suspension category, there are lots of other kits, too, that would help with air ride or coil-over systems.

I hope this helps. Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.

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