Dear Welder Series… Mustang II for 1950 Studebaker?

Dear Welder Series…
What measurements or info is required so you might be able to tell me which mustang ll kit I would need to use in a 1950 Studebaker champion 2 dr coupe and a starlite coupe. Would a 1948 starlite use the same kit as the 50? thnx

Dear Roger…
Roger, there are two measurements to consider when selecting a Welder Series Mustang II kit:  the track width that you want and the outside frame width in the crossmember area.
Track width is the rotor wheel mounting surface to surface dimension. Welder Series makes 3 widths: stock (56″), and 2″ and 4″ wider (58″ & 60″). These are nominal dimensions. With stock, 4-bolt MII rotors the actual track width would be 1/2″ wider than our listed spec, but the final track width is dependent on the control arms, wheels, and brake system used. An easy way to estimate the stock track width is to measure tire tread center to center.
The outside frame width is less critical than track width, but is a consideration. Our 56″ kit likes a frame o.d. of 26″ – 30″.  The 58″ kit likes 28 – 32″ and the 60″ kit likes 30 – 34″. If the frame doesn’t correspond to these dimensions, there are work-arounds that we can suggest.

I hope this helps with your planning. Thanks for asking.

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