Mustang II for custom frame

Dear Welder Series: MII frame stub dimensions

Dear Welder Series…
Hi! I have your 56″ crossmember kit. I am using pair of stock dimension tubular lowers which are made for air bags, not that that should make any difference, and stock uppers. I am installing to a frame which I will build to. In other words I have no forward frame to modify. I have attached a picture to help with my questions.
Thanks for your help – Great Product!!!

Mustang II for custom frame


Dear Craig…
Thanks for the drawing, Craig. I would make the 2 x 4 frame rails 30″ o.d. and parallel. With stock spindles, I’d set the frame up with 12-1/4″ from the ground to the bottom of the rail. I’d have the rails level, front-to-back. This will give about 1/4″ clearance between the bottom of the rails and the rack bellows. The bottom of the crossmember will be 7-3/4″ from the ground.
The notches will fall into place by doing the worksheet instructions. Follow the steps one at a time. Read them carefully, because jumping ahead can get things out of whack. If the instruction cause problems, email the frame measurements to me and I’ll tell you where to make the notch cuts. I hope this helps, even tho’ I didn’t give you all the dimensions you asked for.


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