Dear Welder Series… Four Link in 1951 Stude?

Dear Welder Series…
I am interested in your triangulated 4 bar kit (shown below).

I would like to install it into my 1951 Studebaker Champion frame.  The stock frame is 41 inches on the outside and about 37 inches inside measurement, frame rail to frame rail.  I will be using a 1995 S-10 rear end.  Do you think I would have any fitment problems?

Dear Writer…
This should be a good swap.  The upper bars can be mounted from the rear end out to the frame, as shown in our installation sheets, or the upper bars can be mounted on the axle tubes just inboard of the frame rails and angle forward and towards the frame centerline to a crossmember (that might have to be welded between the frame rails).

I think your frame will get the conventional installation. Click here for installation instructions for the triangulated four link kit.

Thanks for asking about Welder Series parts.  I hope you will send digital pictures as you are doing the installation.

Paul Horton

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