Dear Welder Series… 1964 Falcon Upper Control Arm Mounts

Dear Welder Series…
I bought a 64 Ford falcon that is full chassis and cage that had a rack kit installed in it with factory upper and lower control arms.  I bought some aftermarket tubular ones at a swap meet and here is my problem…the stock upper control arm mounts are one width in the mounting bolts and the new ones are another.  What is the actual measurements for a mustang II upper arm and do you just sell the upper arm mounts and what are the width of the mounting bolts?  This has coil overs so I just need to remedy the mounts.  Thanks.

Dear Bart…
Bart, the upper arm mounting slots are 5″ center-to-center.  Sounds like your frame might have been made using a ’71-73 Pinto crossmember.  1974-80 Pinto parts are basically interchangeable with 1974-78 Mustang II, but the first series Pinto parts were similar looking, but different.  (Your lower tubular arms shouldn’t fit if it’s an early Pinto crossmember.)

Here are our upper arm parts for the coil-over MII:


(4 required)

(2 required).

I hope these parts will solve your problem.  Please check.  Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.

Paul Horton

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