Dear Welder Series… Mustang II for ’65 Mustang, rack mounts

Dear Welder Series…
I saw your welderseries video on “” and found your website. Real quality work.
I specifically wanted to know if you have crossmember kits for 65 Mustang cars? If not, are any of your kits adaptable or have any of your customers used your parts for a 65 66 mustang?

Dear Jay…
Thanks for the compliments, Jay.

Our Mustang II kits are adaptable to your Mustang although frame work has to be done from the firewall forward.

I hope we can help with your project.

Paul Horton

Dear Welder Series…
Hello, I recently bought a MII front cross member from you and was wondering, where my rack and pinion hooks up there are two tabs, and I noticed on some cross members there are two holes all the way thru the cross member,which is how the used rack I bought was bolted up,do I just use shorter bolts, or is there a difference in racks ? such as different years bolt up different.
One more question, if I buy your Granada front brake mounts and use Granada rotors do I need Granada wheel bearings or M II bearings, or are they the same.

Dear Vern…
Thanks for asking, Vern

The two tabs rotate the rack so the input shaft angles 20 degrees lower. This helps the steering linkage clear many motor mounts. Use 4″ long bolts as described on page 5 of our catalog in the lower right corner. Info regarding power racks is also on page 5.
Bearings for the Granada and MII rotors are the same. This info is in the installation pages that come with the brake kit.

Thanks for your order. I hope we can help with other parts for your projects.

Paul Horton


  1. Jordan says:


    I have a 1950 Chev truck and I am trying to build my own MII front cross member form the dimensions you give in your cat. Every thing has gone good to this point. I have everything mocked up, everything that is except for the Coil overs. I had ordered in a set with a ride height from 10.75 to 11.25″ with a compressed length of 9.5″ and extended at 12.625″. When I got the shocks in and mocked up the travel just seemed too short. (3.125″) So I opted to go to a 11.75-12.25″ ride height as that is there next size up (3.875″ travel). My reasoning for going up the size was also due to the requiredment of your kit with the 11.5-12″ ride height.

    What I am asking is could I have stayed with the shorter shock or will I be ok with the added travel?

    I have read in several places that ride height in the rear should be at 1/3 shock compress does this apply to the front as well?

    Is there an angle that works best for the coil over in the front? is 20 to 30 degrees off 90 (in at the top) a good place to start?

    • DW says:

      Jordan, since you are doing the design work, you could use the shorter shock and alter the design to accommodate it. The longer shock probably uses a longer spring, too. I think you will find the ride will be smoother with the longer shock and longer spring.

      We have always worked with a ride height that is 1/3 of the stroke from full open. This applies to shocks and to coil-overs (and to ShockWaves).

      The 20 – 30 degree angle is a good starting point. Remember that as the angle increases off of vertical, the spring rate will have to increase to support the same vehicle weight.

      Thanks for the questions.

      Paul Horton

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