Dear Welder Series… rear frame parts for 1954 Chevy truck

Dear Welder Series…
Paul, we just spoke, I have a 1954 Chevy 5 window truck. I’m interested in buying C-notches, air bag brackets, shock brackets and the 4 link that you told me about and whatever else you think I need for the rear end.. I’m starting at the back first Paul. So email me back in what you think I’ll need thanks.

Dear Francisco…
Thanks for this note, Francisco. Here are links to the kits I feel you need:

Step-notch kit. This will let you put the frame “on the ground”, but will require modifications to the truck bed.

C-notches. These will let you get the truck low without the drastic work required for the step notch kit.

Rear 4-link kit. This kit includes all of the components to use air bags.

If you want to talk about these parts, please give me a call (1-888-648-2150) or send an email.

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