Dear Welder Series… 1956 Buick rear four link parts?

Dear Welder Series…
Hi, I’m looking to do a parallel 4 bar setup on my 1956 Buick. It has the X-frame that looks exactly like what you have pictured here.

I did some measurements and I think I need bars of length between 36-38″. Does this seem too long? How long were the bars in that above picture?


Dear Michael…
Michael, this is a local car and the bars were standard length, about 25″ c-c. We can make custom bars for you if you need them. 36″ is getting long but is still do-able.
Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.

Dear Welder Series…
Ok, I will have to measure again maybe I can mount them before the cut outs for the exhaust instead. Also I’m a HAMB Alliance member and noticed you offer a discount, how would I go about applying that when I place the order?
I did some re-measuring. I think I only need 30″ bars. Is it possible to get the parallel kit in welded fashion but have the frame brackets either left un-welded, or welded at an angle since I’ll be mounting it to an x-frame like you have in the picture on the blog? Also how can I go about ordering it this custom way, by phone?

Dear Michael…
Michael, a quote is attached for the rear 4-link as I think you want it. It starts as a ready-to-weld kit. This will let you weld the frame brackets the way you want them.  It also means you will have to weld the coil-over bolt support blocks in the rear axle brackets. This is a small job. We have deducted the standard bars and adjusters and quoted welded, custom-length bars and welded adjusters. Obviously, we have to get together on the bar length. The tubes on the bars and adjusters would be welded at 90 degrees to the bar axis. I have a feeling that the Buick in the picture got angled adjusters, but we don’t do them in the large format. (We could, as a special order, if you give us the angle you want.)
What will you do for a Panhard bar?

The other thing we need is your Alliance name, please. I have shown the discount on the quote, but this has to be confirmed.

Thanks for your interest in  Welder Series parts for your project.

Paul Horton

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