Dear Welder Series… Four Link Question

Dear Welder Series…
I have a 1956 Chev truck and want to put a 4 link in the back. I was thinking of a triangulated one. Would that work? The frame is 34 inches wide. Or should I use a parallel 4 bar and a panhard bar and which kit # do you recommend? thank you Dave

Dear Dave…
Dave, this is a good question… There are several considerations when choosing a rear suspension system.
An important one is frame width.
A typical triangulated rear 4-link has the upper bars mounting off of the frame boxing plates and angling back to each side of the differential housing. The narrower the frame, the less triangulation is possible unless the upper bars get shorter. Shorter upper bars cause greater pinion angle change. The upper bars could be angled from wide apart on the axle tubes to close together off of a crossmember to get more triangulation.

A parallel 4-link and Panhard bar is not as sensitive to frame width. The bars should be mounted as wide apart as practical to stabilize the rear end.

The triangulated system requires more precise installation. It costs less because there is no Panhard kit.


The parallel 4-link/Panhard system allows adjustment in any direction with a minimal effect on other settings.


Both systems can cause problems with exhaust routing.

I recommend the parallel kit because it’s easier to install and easier to set up.

Thanks for writing.  I hope we can help with your project.

Paul Horton

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