Dear Welder Series… 1953 Ford parts list?

Dear Welder Series…
I am looking for help with my 1953 Ford build.
I have purchased a 1993 LS1 motor, a 700 trans and a 12 bolt rear end I am trying to fit in the truck. The wheels I will be running are 30″ on the outside, 10 3/4″ wide with a 6 7/8 offset from the back of the rim. My goal is to set the bumpers and running boards on the ground with a full air ride. Is there a chance you could specify what I will need to purchase from your catalog to get all my frame welding going? As it stands right know I have pulled all the suspension out of the truck and it is just sitting on the frame now. Would love to order everything for Christmas. Thank you for your time and please feel free to call with any other questions you might have.

Dear Keith…
Keith, here are some links to kits for this build:
Choose a 60″ track width kit for your F100.
If you will use conventional air springs:

If you plan to use ShockWaves:

If you will use a power rack from a 79-92 T-Bird, order the relocation kit:

There are several different LS engine mount kits.  They are shown at

For your 700 R4 transmission, here are 2 options:
A simple crosmember and drop-out saddle (check out the “welded” version):

Or a tubular center section (with the 700R4 trans mount option):

For either of the above, use transmission mount insulator

If your 12 bolt rear end has the ears for the triangulated GM links, you could use our rear kit:

We would add brackets if you will use conventional air springs.


The crossmember shown below can be used to mount the upper end of the ShockWave (with 5/8″ hardware), or shocks with 7/16″ upper eyes.

If you plan to use a parallel rear 4-link, here are the kit pages:

For ShockWaves:

Use the rear crossmember with 5/8″ bolts.
With shockWaves on either the triangulated or the parallel kit, use the bolt kit here:

I hope this list helps.  Please write or call on our toll-free line, 1-888-648-2150, if you want more details.

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