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Triangulated Four Link Kit for 8.8 or GM

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Brand: Welder Series
MPN: 318588
Thickness: 3/16" brackets, 10 ga upper frame brackets
Bolt Size: 1/2"
Thread: 3/4-16

If you plan to use a Ford 8.8 rear end or a GM rear end with the cast upper bar ears on the center section, we have a kit with brackets to fit on the upper axle bushings. These brackets must be welded to the upper bars after the bars have been cut to length. The upper bars in the kit are the same length as the lower bars so the kit will work in frames of different widths. In both the welded and ready to weld kits, these upper rear end mounts are not welded to the bars. Because this bracket has many applications, the 7/16″ diameter bolt hole must be drilled to your bolt size. Bushings for the upper axle brackets are not included.

GM has used a triangulated rear four link in many of their cars for decades. The design eliminates the Panhard bar. To accommodate many frame widths, the formed upper frame brackets may need to be trimmed. Bars are 1″ heavy-wall seamless tubing, tapped one end 3/4-16 and notched for the urethane bushing tube on the other end. Coil-overs can be mounted in one of three holes.

Assembly and installation tips are provided.

What's the difference between welded and ready-to-weld? In the welded kit, anything that can be welded by us is welded. The lower frame brackets, bars, adjusters, and the coil over support block inside the axle brackets are all welded. The ready-to-weld kit has nothing welded. Some people find this an advantage because they can save some money and have the option of tweaking the angle that the bar brackets are welded to the front frame bracket.

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