Dear Welder Series… 1940 Olds Mustang II?

Dear Welder Series…
I would appreciate info concerning a Mustang 2 crossmember to meet the following requirements. I have a 1940 Oldsmobile that I have replaced the front end with 2 parallel 2×4 rectangular 7ga steel tubes. I now need a crossmember to fit this arrangement. The distance between my rails is 29 5/16 inches. The outside measurement is 33 1/4 inches. The face of drum width of the original front end was 59 inches.

I hope to maintain the original ride height or as close to possible.

I also will be mounting a differential from a 2000 Blazer on this same vehicle. The Blazer had leaf springs and my Olds has coil springs. If you have any information on this installation I sure could use it. Finally, I would like you to send a catalog to the address below. Thanks for your help.


Dear Al…
Al, here is a link to some pictures that show installations similar to yours:

The maximum frame o.d. for our 58″ kit is 32″ and for the 60″ kit is 34″. Putting a spring clearance notch in the outside of the rails lets you get away with narrower track widths in wide frames.

Our kit instructions walk you through the process of notching the crossmember and the upper towers to fit your rails so the front end will sit at the height you want.

We don’t have any coil spring brackets for the rear end installation. Sorry.

A catalog will be in the mail.

Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.

Paul Horton


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