Dear Welder Series… 15″ Panhard?

Dear Welder Series…

Is there any reason that a panhard bar has to reach across the rear end?  It would work best for a panhard bar to be about 12” to 15” long in my application. Some input would be appreciated.

Thanks! Chuck

Dear Chuck…
Chuck, for a constant amount of vertical frame travel, the sideways movement of the frame increases as the Panhard bar (shown below) becomes shorter.

It is important to have the two Panhard attachment points close to the same height from the ground.

I feel that 15″ is very short.  (That means 12″ is very, very short!)  Can you use a diagonal locator from one frame mount to the axle bracket on the opposite side?

If you send some pics we might have other suggestions.

Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.

Paul Horton

Dear Welder Series…
Thanks for the reply! I have a triangulated 4-bar suspension, the upper links are on approx. 15 degree angle. Is that enough to hold the rear end laterally. It’s all I could get. It’s on a 55 chevy with a 10 chevy rear end, so can’t weld to the center housing…


Dear Chuck…
Could the upper bars be run from the top of the axle tube, just inside each frame rail, to mounting points inboard on a new crossmember?


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