’32 Update: headlight wiring (article 23, archived)

Headlight Wiring

This is what I was making when I discovered that the tire was a great bending die for a large radius.

You can see a very slight bend on the horizontal section of tube. Basically, I wanted to give it some shape so it wasn’t straight.


The little stainless piece in the back of the headlight is a piece from the Parr headlight conduit kit. It comes with some braided hose, and two of each frame fittings and headlight fittings. I machined a shoulder on the headlight fittings and drilled them 3/8″ all the way through, for the stainless line. There are six wires in a ’32 headlight with turn signals, which *just* won’t fit in a 3/8″ tube. I took the ground from the turn signal and bolted it to the inside of the light, which is bolted to the frame. Five wires fit very snugly inside the tube, but they do fit.

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