’32 Update: mirror installation (article 22, archived)

Mirror Installation

Mocking the mirror
Resembling a scene from The Jungle Book, my mirror hangs precariously on the side of the door supported only by a few thin strands of masking tape.  I’m using cowl mirrors from a ’40 Ford made by Bob Drake, minus the cowl attachment piece.  They’re quite swoopy and I think will match nicely with the door handles.

They have a very nice contoured arm that comes to a perfect point at the back.  There are no screws in the head (we can all attest to that joy) so it’s nice and clean.

Make sure you sit in the seat you’re going to use so that you know you’ll be able to see well.  There’s nothing worse than having side mirrors that are completely useless.

There are two studs on either side of the threaded hole, which I’m sure will keep it from swiveling.

I transferred the holes to the door by pressing the studs and threaded hole onto a piece of paper, making indents.  All I had to do then was make sure it was level (or parallel to the body line) and drill the holes!

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