Welder Series Mustang II crossmember.

1949 Mercury Pickup by Schwartz Inc.

Grant Schwartz can install a Welder Series crossmember faster than it’ll take me to create this blog post. I actually have three draft blog posts on the go at any given time just in case he decides to install three crossmembers without notice. For this install, he used one of our new pre-cut kits for 1948-52 Ford F1 pickups. It comes with the frame boxing plates and lower control arm mounting kit, for C$550 welded.

He also installed a Welder Series step notch kit and a transmission saddle/ crossmember kit. I’m pretty sure he can cut steel with a karate-chop motion of his hands, and then weld it with a cold stare. If Bruce Lee went a slightly different direction in life and became a weldor, he’d be trying to keep up with Grant in the shop.
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Welder Series step notch
Welder Series transmission saddle.
Welder Series Ford motor mounts.
Welder Series Mustang II crossmember.