Dear Welder Series… Vega bracket question

Dear Welder Series…
Do you have a drawing/instuctions for the installation of your Vega box bracket? Will I have to drill out all or any of the threaded tabs on my Vega box? The reason I ask is that the picture I saw in your catalog shows only bolts no nuts. Is the box bolted to the bracket or nut and bolted through the bracket?

Dear Brock…

Brock, this is a link to the Vega bracket page on our site. Scroll down and click in the installation link for more details.

Yes, the “top” threaded boss on the Vega box has to be drilled out. We supply a 7/16-20 (fine thread) bolt and a boss for that hole. The lower holes in the box are threaded and we supply the bolts for them, too.

Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.

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