Trucks! TV ’49 Chev Build

Watching the host of a TV show install a $30,000 blower motor in an S10 would be fun, but for the average viewer lately, there is a greater demand for real life scenarios: accessible, budget-friendly projects. “Reality Garage”, if you will. With this concept in mind, Kevin Tetz of Trucks! TV contacted us about installing some Welder Series parts on a ’49 Chevy truck they’re building. It’s a truck that most everyone could find – a restoration from 20-30 years ago with updated wiring, not very much rust, and a working motor.

The plan calls for an AOD swap for reliability, a few minor body mods, and a new stance thanks to Welder Series front and rear suspension components. Our Mustang II crossmember, brake kit, transmission mount, and rear triangulated four link kit will all be used.


It would be great to metaphorically see you watching the show on September 5th when they do the front end, and September 6th when they do the rear suspension. Check it out on Spike TV.


  1. Rob Davison says:

    It looks like I’ll have to set up the dvr to record that series. That should be pretty timely for me as I intend to start the upgrades on the 48 this fall.

    Thanks for the heads up

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