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Dear Welder Series… tie rod end bung?

Dear Welder Series…
Hi I was wondering does the threaded spacer you sell would that fit the part on an early ford tie rod end that would be facing the front of the car if someone bought your through frame radius rod kit?

Dear Aaron…
Aaron, we don’t have a threaded spacer with the 11/16-18 thread to match the early Ford tie rod end… but we could make them. They would be 1″ o.d. x 11/16-18 RH i.d. and about 4″ long. They’d sell for $6.00 each. The part I’m thinking of would be the frame end of a hairpin radius rod or the frame end of a split wishbone. Please let me know if this is the part you need.

[update: this part has been added to our catalog.]

Thanks for looking at Welder Series parts.