Studebaker Pickup Mustang II Pics

Check out this truck! Chuck sent these pictures for our photo sharing draw, and I had to post them here. Also, I’ve included a bit of the email he sent along with the pictures. He recently ordered some more parts, so I asked him how the Mustang II install went:

Hi Charles, thanks very much for another order. It should be shipped tomorrow. How did the Mustang II kit work out for you?
Thanks again
DW Horton

I keep meaning to send you pictures of the install of the Mustang II – see attached photos. It came out excellent! I couldn’t be happier, great instructions and a very high quality kit from you. Should have it on the road for Back to the 50’s car show in St. Paul, MN. in June.

Thank you!



    • paul says:

      These are great looking trucks, Gregg. As to advice, I suggest you get the wheels and tires you plan to use. Then mock up the truck at the ride height you want when it’s finished. Our Mustang II kits are designed to let you get thew ride height you want with your wheel & tire sizes. Make a plan, check the plan to see if it’s practical/feasible, and try to stick to it.

      I hope we can help with your project.
      Paul Horton

  1. Brett says:

    This study is same year as mine and wow it looks awesome! Could you give me a list of parts that were used ? I would like to order for my truck. Also what size are the wheels?

  2. Chuck Esdale says:

    Hello Brett,
    Feel free to contact me on my email at [email removed for privacy] – I will help you get rolling on your Stude.

  3. Joe says:

    Hi Chuck,

    I have some questions as well. What track width did you use for your truck? I have seen from multiple places that the 58 1/2″ and 60 1/2″ could work. Also, are those stock spindles or dropped? Thanks!

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